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Travel Writing Guidelines 

Country and Destination Reviews

Travel Souk's goal is as simple as it is ambitious; to produce the best world travel guide on the web. And we are going to need your help; so if you are an expert on a particular country or city that you know well; we would love to hear from you.

Before you submit any copy please use the contact form to check with our editorial team that we haven't already covered your chosen article. We do our best to keep up, but will only publish a new destination once we have enough copy to make it useful to our readers; which inevitably means that stock of articles ready to upload. So please check with us first.

All copy submitted must be your own work, you must own the copyright, and it must be previously unpublished on the web. Travel Souk wants to give exposure to new writers and new writing; not simply rehash content that has already been published. And of course we will be more than happy to give you a byline.

Travel Souk isn't in the marketing business, so please avoid the hard sell. Instead take a step back and aim for an independent overview. For style pointers please visit our(ever evolving) online style guide.

We have divided our country and destination guide into the following sections, but we are willing to hear suggestions for new sections:

Introduction/ Getting There/ Arriving/ Getting Around/ Where to Stay/ Travel Essentials/ History/ Food & Drink/ Health & Safety/ Society & Culture/ Festivals & Events

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