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Welcome to Writers' Resources

It might be an old-fashioned point of view, but at Travel Souk we believe that the people who are best qualified to write about foreign destinations are the people who have been there and done that. If you are passionate about a particular place, and want to see your work published online, we are always on the look out for new writers.

Besides providing a platform to new writing talent, we also want to share some of the expertise that we have picked up during our years working in the travel industry. Here's how we hope to help:

Over the coming months we will be publishing articles covering everything from ' How to write a successful pitch ' to ' Landing the best free press trips'. This month we are starting with an article on ' Solo travelling and staying sane!' by Christian Walsh.

We are busy building up a library of the most useful sites for travel writers on the Web; and we are keen to hear of any that you think should be included.

Our plans for the future are to develop the Writers' Resources section to become the most useful bookmark for travel journalists anywhere on the Web. So how are we planning to do this? Well we are open to suggestions. but so far we are working on the following:

A journey of a thousand miles may well begin with a single step, but with your help we should get there a little quicker.

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