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Egypt on a plate: food and drink

It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Egyptian women know this and are proud cooks. Their food reflects the countries' history as a cultural melting pot, drawing from Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and their more spicy North African neighbours.

The dietary mainstay is bread( aysh - which also translates from Arabic as life), this is most commonly used to soak up Ful - a bean dish, boiled and often pureed. Ful is served with salad(best avoided owing to the dubious quality of the water it may have been washed in) vegetables - try molokhiyya, a tasty cabbage-like leaf peculiar to Egypt, or as a meze (with a collection of small dishes, similar to Spanish tapas). Meat-eaters won't go hungry, and will get the chance to try something new - pigeons(hamaam) are popular.

The Egyptians have come up with endless different ways to quench your thirst. Every street has at least one juice bar(serving sugarcane, orange, strawberry and mango), but for those looking for something a little stronger, Stella is the beer of choice. If you're lucky you and are invited to dine in an Egyptian home, be prepared to utilise some heavy negotiating skills, when trying to convince the hostess that you are full. To the same end, clearing your plate isn't expected and compliments and recipe requests go down really well.

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